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Our church, Second Baptist began with the thought that the lower part of Homestead was in need of a Black church.  Clark Memorial Baptist Church, located on the hill was the only Black church in Homestead.  God touched a local preacher, Brother Prince Cunningham in a vision in 1904, and a church in the lower section of town was started.  This missionary church began with a few people and was located at 226 Sixth Avenue in 1905.  This soul saving station moved several times and had several preachers in its beginning.

Previous Leaders:


Rev. N.S. Lane

Rev. Z.A. Jones

Rev. J. D. Morton

Rev. O. C. Perkins

Rev. B. T. Crosby

Rev. D. P. Turner


Rev. Donald P. Turner’s tenure was for 48 years

Second Baptist Church of Homestead Pa.


108 West 12th Avenue 

Homestead, Pa. 15120

Ph# (412) 461-8235 ~ Fax (412) 461-2845



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